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Pit #14 - Point Of The Mountain
PIT #14, PT. OF MT.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Nonmetallic Minerals, Except Fuels

Midvalley School
0.54 miles N

Union Middle School
0.58 miles NW

Copperview School
0.68 miles SE

Sandy School
0.70 miles S

East Sandy School
0.97 miles W

Midvale School
1.12 miles NE

Jordan High School
1.50 miles S

Bell View School
2.14 miles S

Riverside School
2.28 miles E

Silver Mesa School
2.28 miles SW

Edgemont School
2.37 miles SW

Longview School
2.39 miles N

Oakdale School
2.49 miles W

Ridgecrest School
2.54 miles NW

Lincoln School
2.59 miles N

Mountview School
2.64 miles NW