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Michigan Paving And Materials Co.
3125 E FRONT ST P.O. BOX 1904
Monroe, Michigan
Monroe County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Petroleum And Coal Products

Orchard School
1.17 miles E

Saint Joseph School
1.85 miles NE

Trinity School
2.34 miles NE

Christiancy School
2.39 miles NE

Sacred Heart School
2.64 miles NE

Boyd School
2.65 miles NE

Central High School
2.69 miles NE

Hollywood School
2.69 miles NE

Hurd Road School
2.96 miles N

Saint Marys Academy
3.02 miles NE

Zion School
3.10 miles NE

Riverside School
3.25 miles NE

Golden School
3.69 miles NE

Waterloo School
3.98 miles NE

Custer School
3.98 miles E

Manor School
4.06 miles NE

Jefferson School
4.62 miles NW