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Universal Folding Box Co. Inc.
Hoboken, New Jersey
Hudson County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Paper And Allied Products

Legion Park
0.31 miles SW

Washington Park
0.40 miles E

Columbus Park
0.42 miles S

Columbus Park
0.49 miles S

Elysian Park
0.56 miles SW

Shipyard Park
0.59 miles SW

Shipyard Piers
0.60 miles W

Elysian Fields
0.64 miles SW

Elysian Park
0.65 miles SW

Elsworth Park
0.78 miles N

Joseph Marin Field
0.79 miles N

Riverview Park
0.84 miles SE

Castle Point Park
0.88 miles SW

Church Square
0.90 miles S

Madison Park
0.95 miles S

Sinatra Park
0.97 miles SW

Hudson Park
1.01 miles S

Roller Rink Park
1.08 miles S