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Tpac A Division Of Kiewit Western Co
3052 S 19TH AVE
Phoenix, Arizona
Maricopa County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Stone, Clay, And Glass Products, Leather Goods, Nec

Bethune School
1.01 miles NW

Murphy School
1.45 miles NE

Dunbar School
1.61 miles NW

Jackson School
1.70 miles N

Lowell School
1.73 miles NW

Gray School
1.76 miles W

Grant School
1.79 miles NW

Rio Vista School
1.92 miles W

Sunland School
1.96 miles SW

Capitol School
2.16 miles N

Adams School
2.21 miles NW

Carver High School
2.28 miles NW

Herrera School
2.50 miles W

Lincoln School
2.55 miles NW

Stevenson School
2.62 miles W