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Bit-Mat Products Of Michigan Inc C / O Klink Tru
Bay City, Michigan
Bay County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Petroleum And Coal Products

Hughs School
0.76 miles SW

Saint John School
0.88 miles S

Garber High School
1.18 miles SW

Woodside School
1.54 miles SE

Trombley School
1.88 miles E

Linsday School
2.16 miles E

Mount Vernon School
2.24 miles NE

Saint Joseph School
2.25 miles SE

Dolsen School
2.25 miles SE

Washington School
2.34 miles SE

Holy Rosary Academy
2.47 miles SE

Immanuel School
2.68 miles SE

Farragut School
2.70 miles SE

Central High School
2.75 miles SE

Dorland School
2.75 miles E

Bethel School
2.76 miles SE

Hampton School
2.83 miles S