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Beck Street North Pit And Hot Plant
2080 N BECK ST
Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Petroleum And Coal Products

Matheson School
1.10 miles S

Newman School
1.22 miles SE

Rose Park School
1.52 miles S

Onequa School
2.17 miles S

Backman School
2.19 miles S

Washington School
2.53 miles SW

Jackson School
2.60 miles S

Meadowlark School
2.63 miles SE

Guadalupe School
2.76 miles S

Ensign School
3.13 miles SW

Lafayette School
3.19 miles SW

Fremont School
3.34 miles S

Rowland Hall School
3.39 miles SW

Saint Marks School
3.44 miles SW

Lowell School
3.47 miles SW

Franklin School
3.49 miles S