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The Oilgear Company
2300 S 51ST ST
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Industrial Machinery And Equipment

Manitoba Park
0.81 miles S

Jackson Park
0.90 miles SW

Lyons Park
1.34 miles S

Arnold Klentz Park
1.42 miles E

Rogers Park
1.50 miles E

McKinley Playground
1.81 miles NE

McCarty Park
1.85 miles E

Honey Creek Park
2.09 miles E

Clarke Park
2.10 miles NW

Pulaski Park
2.14 miles W

Kopperud Park
2.15 miles NE

State Fair Park
2.15 miles NE

Valley Park
2.23 miles N

Armour Park
2.26 miles S

Zablocki Park
2.26 miles S