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Town Of New Denmark Landfill

New Denmark, Wisconsin

Brown County
Population: Urban 2
Industry: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

Allouez Park
1.57 miles N

Minahan Stadium
2.18 miles E

Legion Park
2.29 miles SE

Cooke Park
2.49 miles NE

East River Park
2.50 miles N

Astor Park
2.65 miles N

Fort Howard Park
2.77 miles NE

Preble Park
2.93 miles NW

Meyer Park
2.93 miles N

Baird Park
2.96 miles N

Oakdale Park
2.97 miles NW

Saint James Park
3.03 miles N

Joannes Park
3.24 miles N

Saint Johns Park
3.33 miles N

Jackson Park
3.47 miles N

Whitney Park
3.69 miles N

Biemert Park
3.71 miles NE