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Cascade Coatings
1703 LUM RD.
Centralia, Washington
Lewis County
Population: Rural
Industry: Lumber And Wood Products

Total Emissions282,974.51
Volatile Organic Compounds271,540.00
Ethylene Glycol4,330.50
Xylenes (Mixture of o, m, and p Isomers)3,005.30
Nitrogen Oxides1,500.00
Carbon Monoxide1,300.00
Ethyl Benzene954.72
Primary PM10 (Includes Filterables + Condensibles)100.00
Primary PM2.5 (Includes Filterables + Condensibles)100.00
Primary PM (Includes Filterables + Condensibles)100.00
Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether43.99
Sulfur Dioxide0.00