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Point Of The Mtn - Aggregate Production
Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Nonmetallic Minerals, Except Fuels

Riverton School
3.93 miles NE

Draper School
4.54 miles NW

Southland School
4.55 miles NE

Rosamond School
4.93 miles NE

Lehi School
5.65 miles SW

Sprucewood School
5.85 miles NW

Sego Lily School
5.88 miles SW

Sunrise School
5.91 miles NW

Crescent School
5.92 miles N

Valley High School
5.95 miles N

Meadow School
6.22 miles SW

Altara School
6.26 miles N

Alta High School
6.34 miles NW

Lehi High School
6.40 miles SW

Monte Vista School
6.40 miles NE