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U.S. Govt, Dept Of Navy
BUILDING 60121,060503
San Diego, California
Los Angeles County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: National Security And Intl. Affairs

Drake Park
0.42 miles W

Golden Park
0.60 miles SW

Santa Cruz Park
0.92 miles SW

Lincoln Park
1.08 miles SW

Palm Beach Park
1.14 miles SW

Admiral Kidd Park
1.24 miles N

Hudson Park
1.50 miles NE

Rainbow Lagoon Park
1.58 miles SW

Victory Park
1.60 miles SW

Silverado Park
2.49 miles N

Bixby Park
2.53 miles W

Signal Hill Park
2.60 miles NW

Carroll Parks
2.61 miles W

Hillbrook Park
2.96 miles W