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State Of California Dept Of He
Berkeley, California
Alameda County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Administration Of Human Resources

West Circle
0.30 miles W

Wellman Courtyard
0.34 miles W

Evans Field
0.38 miles SW

Sproul Plaza
0.59 miles SW

Mining Circle
0.66 miles W

Hearst Field
0.67 miles SW

North Field
0.70 miles W

Live Oak Park
0.77 miles N

Kleeberger Field
0.87 miles W

Codornices Park
0.96 miles NW

Willard Park
1.08 miles SW

Grove Playground
1.18 miles S

Terrace View Park
1.25 miles NW

Cragmont Park
1.32 miles N

Indian Rock Park
1.33 miles N

Remillard Park
1.39 miles N