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Maxwell House, Div Of Kraft Fo
San Leandro, California
Alameda County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Food And Kindred Products

Halcyon Park
0.37 miles N

Heath Park
0.62 miles N

Toyon Park
0.79 miles N

Burrell Field
1.27 miles NE

Bonaire Park
1.29 miles SE

Edendale Park
1.29 miles W

Madison Playground
1.31 miles E

Arroyo Swim Center
1.40 miles S

Dayton Playground
1.41 miles SE

Stenzel Park
1.50 miles SE

Mervin Morris Park
1.63 miles S

Meek Park
1.82 miles SW

Plaza Park
1.86 miles NE

Ashland Park
1.89 miles W

Estudillo Park
1.90 miles NE

Memorial Park
1.91 miles N

Thrasher Park
1.95 miles NE