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City Of Jacksonville Landfill

Jacksonville, Arkansas

Pulaski County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

Butler Park
0.99 miles NW

Kanis Park
1.95 miles W

Reservoir Park
1.95 miles NW

Meriwether Park
2.41 miles W

Boyle Park
2.56 miles SW

University Park
2.73 miles W

West End Park
2.73 miles SW

Overlook Park
3.16 miles NW

La Harpe View Park
3.31 miles NW

War Memorial Park
3.61 miles W

Winder Field
3.73 miles W

Cooks Landing Park
3.74 miles NW

Highland Park
3.76 miles W

Murray Park
3.89 miles NW

Allsopp Park
4.30 miles W

Hindman Park
4.34 miles S

Lamar-Porter Field
4.74 miles W