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Savannah, Georgia
Chatham County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

Franklin Square
0.17 miles S

Flame of Freedom
0.32 miles S

Liberty Square
0.33 miles S

Johnson Square
0.35 miles SW

Telfair Square
0.35 miles S

John Rousakis Plaza
0.36 miles SW

Wright Square
0.43 miles SW

Elbert Square
0.47 miles S

Reynolds Square
0.48 miles SW

Orleans Square
0.52 miles S

Oglethorpe Square
0.55 miles SW

Chippewa Square
0.56 miles S

Warren Square
0.60 miles SW

Emmet Park
0.60 miles SW

Columbia Square
0.65 miles SW

Pulaski Square
0.65 miles S

Washington Square
0.70 miles SW