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Coleman Road Site
Lansing, Michigan

Clinton County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

Stony Creek School
1.28 miles W

County Farm School
2.53 miles W

Harper School
2.56 miles NE

Merihew School
2.96 miles W

Plowman School
3.04 miles S

Lamb School
3.40 miles N

Olive Center School
3.75 miles SW

Central School
4.23 miles NW

Krepps School
4.36 miles W

East Ward School
4.75 miles NW

Gardner School
4.91 miles N

Simmons School
5.05 miles S

Brown School
5.29 miles S

Frink School
5.38 miles N

South Riley School
5.71 miles SE

Cramer School
5.72 miles NW

Sage School
6.05 miles NW

Greenwood School
6.57 miles N