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City Of Lansing Sanitary Land
Lansing, Michigan
Ingham County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

Kendon School
1.28 miles NE

North School
1.29 miles E

Maple Hill School
1.70 miles NE

Midway School
1.78 miles S

Forest View School
1.89 miles N

Cavanaugh School
1.98 miles NE

Elliott School
2.09 miles S

Everett School
2.10 miles NE

Forest Road School
2.16 miles N

Everett High School
2.25 miles NE

Lyons Avenue School
2.28 miles NE

Reo School
2.57 miles E

Maplewood School
2.80 miles NE

Our Savior School
3.04 miles NE