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Industrial Services Of America
Pontiac, Michigan
Oakland County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

Malkim School
1.53 miles S

Wever School
1.88 miles SE

Proper School
1.99 miles NE

Carpenter School
2.04 miles N

Owen School
2.15 miles S

Le Baron School
2.27 miles S

Hawthorne School
2.52 miles SE

Silver Lake School
2.57 miles E

Emerson School
2.77 miles S

Willis School
2.82 miles SW

Alcott School
2.90 miles SE

Will Rogers School
2.95 miles SW

McCarroll School
3.05 miles S

Mark Twain School
3.21 miles S

Adams School
3.33 miles E

Herrington School
3.43 miles SW