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Crosby American (Amt. That Is Msw)
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
Dakota County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

Pine Bend School
1.09 miles NW

Simley High School
2.67 miles N

South Grove School
3.26 miles N

Oltman School
4.08 miles NW

Hilltop School
4.10 miles N

Inver Grove School
4.34 miles N

Pullman School
4.40 miles NW

Northview School
4.47 miles E

Saint Thomas School
4.49 miles NW

Pine Hill School
4.53 miles NW

Grove School
4.59 miles NW

Salem Hills School
5.01 miles N

Newport School
5.34 miles NW

Washington School
5.36 miles N

Roosevelt School
6.20 miles N

Jefferson School
6.70 miles N

Central School
6.80 miles N

Mendota School
7.99 miles NE