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St Louis Park City Of
St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Hennepin County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Executive, Legislative, And General

Park Hill School
0.18 miles W

Baston School
0.32 miles E

Fern Hill School
0.48 miles NW

Holy Family School
0.60 miles E

Lenox School
1.04 miles E

Hobart School
1.09 miles NE

Calvin School
1.40 miles S

Eliot School
1.50 miles NE

Morningside School
1.54 miles S

Audubon School
1.57 miles SW

Brookside School
1.57 miles S

Oak Hill School
1.81 miles E

Kenwood School
1.99 miles NW

Park Knoll School
2.01 miles E

Lake Harriet School
2.08 miles SW

Aquila School
2.12 miles E