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City Of St Paul Asphalt Plant
St. Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Petroleum And Coal Products

Lewis Park
0.51 miles W

Dale Playground
1.16 miles N

Como Park
1.69 miles NE

Dunning Field
1.84 miles SE

Horton Park
1.89 miles E

Rice Park
1.97 miles SW

Smith Park
2.03 miles SW

Irvine Park
2.07 miles SW

Wilder Playground
2.11 miles W

Midway Stadium
2.15 miles E

Dale Villa Park
2.48 miles N

Linwood Park
2.48 miles S

Newell Park
2.72 miles E

Palace Park
2.72 miles S

Alice Park
2.74 miles S

Terrace Park
2.95 miles SW