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State Of Mn - Transportation Bldg
St. Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

Scheffer School
0.52 miles NE

Lindsey School
0.72 miles S

Saint Marys School
0.78 miles W

Jackson School
0.79 miles NE

Saint Marys School
0.99 miles N

Saint Agnes School
1.01 miles NE

Jefferson School
1.07 miles SE

Rice School
1.08 miles NW

Whittier School
1.10 miles N

Hammond School
1.24 miles SE

Gorman School
1.34 miles NE

Webster School
1.36 miles SE

Lincoln School
1.37 miles NW

Saint Paul Academy
1.43 miles SE

Drew School
1.49 miles E

Mayfield School
1.54 miles E