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The Specialty Manufacturing Co
White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Ramsey County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Industrial Machinery And Equipment

Lincoln School
3.03 miles SW

Birch Lake School
3.05 miles S

Saint Marys School
3.45 miles SW

Webster School
3.52 miles SW

Snail Lake School
4.22 miles SE

Turtle Lake School
4.60 miles E

Lakeaires School
4.73 miles SW

Centennial School
4.89 miles NE

Saint Joseph School
4.95 miles NE

Bellaire School
5.14 miles SW

Sunrise Park School
5.26 miles SW

Gall School
5.48 miles S

Arden Hills School
5.56 miles SE

Willow Lane School
5.59 miles S

Parkview School
5.82 miles SW

Golfview School
6.11 miles SW

Island Lake School
6.40 miles SE