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Metz Baking Co Of Roseville
Roseville, Minnesota
Ramsey County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Food And Kindred Products

Parkview School
1.20 miles E

Reeder School
1.51 miles W

Nazareth Hall
1.64 miles NW

Silver Oak School
1.66 miles NE

Waite Park School
2.04 miles E

Pillsbury School
2.14 miles SE

Ramsey High School
2.20 miles W

Lowry School
2.21 miles E

Silver Lake School
2.47 miles NE

Bel Air School
2.55 miles N

Lexington School
2.57 miles SW

Prescott School
2.57 miles E

Putnam School
2.61 miles SE

Lake Owasso School
2.64 miles W

Luther Seminary
2.66 miles S