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Earthgrains Co Of Springfield-Earthgrains Co Of Springfield
Springfield , Missouri
Greene County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Food And Kindred Products

McDaniel School
0.16 miles S

Teft School
0.68 miles NW

Drury College
0.72 miles NE

Central High School
0.75 miles NE

Saint Agnes School
0.80 miles SE

Rountree School
0.99 miles S

Boyd School
1.01 miles NE

Phelps School
1.03 miles SE

Bailey School
1.03 miles NE

Berry School
1.08 miles N

Saint Joseph School
1.14 miles NE

Campbell School
1.20 miles E

Weller School
1.31 miles NW

Evangel College
1.32 miles NW

Bingham School
1.44 miles SW

Fairbanks School
1.50 miles NE