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Budd Chemical Company
Carneys Point, New Jersey
Salem County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Chemicals And Allied Products

Eden Park
4.46 miles NE

Fort Christina Park
4.91 miles NE

Christina Park
5.01 miles NE

Kirkwood Park
5.24 miles NE

Compton Park
5.30 miles NE

Price Run Park
5.37 miles NE

The Green
5.40 miles E

Sellers Park
5.43 miles NE

Clifton Park
5.45 miles NE

Battery Park
5.48 miles SE

Speakman Park
5.48 miles NE

Rodney Square
5.64 miles NE

Haynes Park
6.25 miles NE

Delamore Park
6.30 miles NE

Cool Spring Park
6.31 miles NE

Rockwood Park
6.34 miles NE

Clayton Park
6.55 miles NE