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Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Summit, New Jersey
Union County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Chemicals And Allied Products

Reasoner Park
0.86 miles N

Memorial Park
0.94 miles N

Briant Park
2.24 miles W

Niles Park
2.35 miles NE

Hidden Valley Park
2.72 miles SW

Cole Park
2.85 miles NE

James Park
3.13 miles NE

Henshaw Playground
3.24 miles SW

Irwin Playground
3.33 miles SW

Fox Hill Reserve
3.40 miles W

The Forest Reserve
3.47 miles NE

Young Field
3.50 miles NE

Ranger Stadium
3.51 miles NE

Zuck Arboretum
3.60 miles NE

Taylor Park
3.86 miles W

Echo Lake Park
4.01 miles SW

Loantaka Park
4.02 miles E