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Eastern Poly Packaging Co Inc
Brooklyn, New York
Kings County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Rubber And Misc. Plastics Products

Sunset Park
0.35 miles SW

Owls Head Park
1.36 miles SE

McKinley Park
1.68 miles S

Red Hook Park
1.90 miles N

Byrne Park
2.07 miles NW

Carroll Park
2.28 miles N

Gravesend Park
2.28 miles SW

Prospect Park
2.30 miles W

Dyker Beach Park
2.69 miles S

Shore Road Park
2.83 miles SE

Fort Hamilton Park
2.99 miles SE

Statue of Liberty
3.25 miles NE

Fort Greene Park
3.38 miles NW

Whitman Park
3.49 miles N

Battery Park
3.68 miles N