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Industrial Finishing Prods. Inc.
820-840 REMSEN AVE.
Brooklyn, New York
Kings County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Chemicals And Allied Products

Milstein Plaza
0.40 miles S

Damrosch Park
0.52 miles S

The Mall
0.80 miles SW

Central Park
0.91 miles W

Riverside Park
1.33 miles N

Columbus Park
1.44 miles E

Old Glory Park
1.53 miles E

Washington Park
1.67 miles NE

Memorial Park
1.68 miles E

Hamilton Park
1.87 miles E

John Jay Park
1.89 miles W

Miller Stadium
2.02 miles E

Saint Mary's Park
2.03 miles NE

Schurz Park
2.06 miles W

Miller Park
2.08 miles E