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Lockheed Martin Ne & Ss Syracuse
Liverpool, New York
Onondaga County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Instruments And Related Products

Donlin Drive School
0.74 miles NW

Perry School
1.32 miles W

Zogg Middle School
1.41 miles E

Loveless School
1.55 miles S

Allen Road School
2.21 miles NW

Pitcher Hill School
2.31 miles NW

Riordan School
2.51 miles W

Long Branch School
2.59 miles NE

Lemoyne School
2.70 miles SW

Salina School
2.92 miles SW

Crawford School
2.93 miles NE

Morgan Road School
2.95 miles NE

The Convent School
2.99 miles SW

Wetzel Road School
3.16 miles NE