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Entenmann'S Bakery
Islip, New York
Suffolk County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Food And Kindred Products

Twin Pines School
0.21 miles S

Northwest School
0.51 miles SE

North School
0.71 miles N

Northeast School
1.00 miles NW

Saint Annes School
1.29 miles SW

Sagtikos School
1.61 miles NE

South School
1.66 miles S

South Ridge School
2.31 miles NE

Souteast School
2.34 miles SW

Hemlock School
2.51 miles S

Laurel School
2.53 miles SW

Honey Hollow School
2.57 miles NW

Loretta Park School
2.63 miles SW

Wood Park School
2.68 miles N

The Pines School
2.85 miles N

Southwest School
3.03 miles SE