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Town Of Kernersville Landfill

Kernersville, North Carolina

Forsyth County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

Paisley School
0.53 miles W

Summit School
0.96 miles NE

Kimberly School
0.97 miles W

Cook School
1.05 miles SW

Wiley School
1.31 miles S

North School
1.63 miles W

Hanes High School
1.96 miles W

Lowrance School
1.97 miles W

Fairview School
2.07 miles W

Woodland School
2.23 miles W

Moore School
2.35 miles S

Granville School
2.45 miles SW

Ardmore School
2.58 miles S

Salem College
2.65 miles SW