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City Of Middletown Landfill
Middletown, Ohio
Butler County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

Dixie Heights Park
0.92 miles W

Gardner Park
1.20 miles SE

Armco Park
1.24 miles SW

Miami Park
1.63 miles SE

Sunset Park
1.66 miles S

Smith Park
1.67 miles SE

Flemming Park
1.91 miles SE

Ratham Park
1.96 miles SE

Downing Park
2.11 miles SW

Gladell Park
2.28 miles S

Jill Lane Park
2.41 miles NW

Doty Park
2.52 miles SE

Oakland Park
2.52 miles SE

Jacot Park
2.63 miles SW

Goldman Park
2.68 miles S

Old South Park
2.69 miles SE

Michigan Park
3.06 miles SE

Twin Creek Park
3.21 miles NW

Homan Park
3.27 miles NW