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City Of Willoughby Landfill
Willoughby, Ohio
Lake County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

Todd Field
0.58 miles SE

Gilson Park
0.61 miles NE

Wes Point Park
0.72 miles SE

Daniels Park
1.20 miles S

Chagrin River Park
1.26 miles NE

Saint Clair Park
1.40 miles E

Ohio Street Park
2.50 miles NW

Bellflower Park
2.97 miles N

Dudley Park
3.51 miles E

Halle Estates Park
3.54 miles SE

Wildwood Park
3.85 miles W

Manry Park
3.97 miles E

Featherston Park
4.06 miles SE

Orlando Park
4.18 miles SE

Chillicothe Park
4.59 miles W

Jindra Park
4.66 miles SE