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Cmi Terex Corp
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Canadian County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Industrial Machinery And Equipment

Lake Park School
1.36 miles SW

Overholser School
1.78 miles W

Skyview School
2.39 miles E

Western Oaks School
2.83 miles SW

Harris School
2.92 miles W

Ranchwood School
2.96 miles E

Bethany College
3.03 miles W

Greenvale School
3.25 miles SW

Northridge School
3.27 miles N

Ione School
3.43 miles NW

Apollo School
3.51 miles SW

Tulakes School
3.54 miles NW

Myers School
3.69 miles E

Parkland School
3.73 miles SE

Putnam City School
3.91 miles W

Central School
3.92 miles E