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Jetta Corp.
Edmond, Oklahoma
Oklahoma County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Rubber And Misc. Plastics Products

Chitwood Park
1.86 miles N

Fink Park
1.93 miles NW

Hafer Park
2.13 miles NW

Spring Hill Park
2.31 miles W

Broadway Park
3.46 miles S

McGee Park
3.69 miles SE

North Britton Park
4.00 miles SE

Britton Park
4.40 miles SE

Macklanburg Park
4.50 miles SE

Burton Park
4.55 miles SE

Pied Piper Park
4.58 miles SE

Meeker Park
4.59 miles SE

Britton Park
4.84 miles SE

Harrison Park
5.07 miles S

Bumpass Park
5.18 miles SE

Duffner Park
5.38 miles SE

Johnson Park
5.79 miles SE

Bixler Park
6.05 miles SE

Wharton Park
6.26 miles S

The Village Park
6.41 miles SE

Kite Park
6.60 miles SE