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Penn Protective Coatings/L Southampton Twp
Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
Bucks County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Fabricated Metal Products

Hampton Towne
0.38 miles SE

Broad View Farms
0.40 miles W

Buckridge Arms
0.45 miles W

Valley View
0.58 miles E

0.69 miles N

White Briar
0.71 miles NW

Broad View Farms
0.90 miles W

Pine Tree Farms
0.99 miles SW

Latimer Farms
1.07 miles NE

Bucks County Mall
1.26 miles W

Casey Park
1.28 miles N

Somerton Manor
1.29 miles SW

Clover Hill
1.30 miles NW

Somerton Estates
1.37 miles SW

Top of the Hill
1.45 miles W