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Bayer Polymers Goose Creek
Goose Creek, South Carolina
Berkeley County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Chemicals And Allied Products

The Grove
1.87 miles W

Grove Plantation
2.02 miles W

Haulover Landing
2.26 miles SW

Flag Plantation
2.41 miles W

Cote Bas
2.68 miles N

Venning Landing
3.20 miles S

Harding Landing
3.20 miles S

Cainhoy Plantation
3.42 miles S

Medway Plantation
4.45 miles NE

Tin Top Camp
4.73 miles N

Saint Marks Hall
4.93 miles SW

Inness (historical)
5.04 miles SE

Dean Hall
5.79 miles N

The Tee
6.03 miles N

Blessing Plantation
6.21 miles NW