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Top Ten Polluters in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Giant Mid-Continent, Inc. Albuquerque Products Terminal
annual emissions: 29,831,450.00
pollutants: 5sources: 75

Public Service Company Of New Mexico Reeves Generating Station
annual emissions: 1,943,571.10
pollutants: 38sources: 115

Cerro Colorado Landfill
annual emissions: 1,058,495.79
pollutants: 35sources: 45

(Lafarge) Western Mobile Nm, Asphalt Batch Plant
annual emissions: 444,640.00
pollutants: 5sources: 12

(Lafarge) Western Mobile Nm, Santa Ana Crusher
annual emissions: 412,540.00
pollutants: 4sources: 17

American Gypsum Company
annual emissions: 374,364.27
pollutants: 7sources: 84

Unm Main Campus
annual emissions: 293,189.29
pollutants: 12sources: 204

Kirtland Air Force Base
annual emissions: 289,747.97
pollutants: 64sources: 1411

City Of Albuquerque Southside Reclamation Plant
annual emissions: 266,471.68
pollutants: 6sources: 28

Twin Mountain Construction Ii Company
annual emissions: 123,265.96
pollutants: 7sources: 44