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Top Ten Polluters in Springfield, Missouri
City Utilities Of Springfield Missouri-James River Power Plant
annual emissions: 20,034,096.43
pollutants: 82sources: 655

City Utilities Of Springfield Missouri-Southwest Power Plant
annual emissions: 13,324,477.43
pollutants: 79sources: 214

Carlisle Power Transmission Products Inc-Springfield
annual emissions: 644,322.76
pollutants: 18sources: 161

3m Company-Springfield Itsd/Tmd
annual emissions: 618,261.54
pollutants: 21sources: 137

Mississippi Lime Co-Mississippi Lime Co
annual emissions: 227,931.38
pollutants: 7sources: 373

City Utilities Of Springfield-N L Mccartney Dist Generation
annual emissions: 205,280.00
pollutants: 6sources: 24

Bristol Manufacturing Corp-Bristol Manufacturing Corp
annual emissions: 179,045.64
pollutants: 11sources: 44

General Electric-Springfield
annual emissions: 140,132.88
pollutants: 10sources: 142

Aarons Automotive Products Inc-Westgate Ave Facility
annual emissions: 121,471.16
pollutants: 6sources: 40

Clariant Life Science Molecules-Clariant Life Science Molecules
annual emissions: 93,393.20
pollutants: 24sources: 241