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All Polluters in the USA
Fort Stewart Hqs 3d Infantry Div (Mech)
annual emissions: 155,299,668.20
pollutants: 7sources: 153

Rocky Mountain Arsenal Usarmy
annual emissions: 10,100,077.89
pollutants: 9sources: 39

Us Army National Training Ctr.
annual emissions: 8,399,755.08
pollutants: 26sources: 142

Eielson Air Force Base
annual emissions: 7,254,499.21
pollutants: 9sources: 245

Us Army Fort Wainwright
annual emissions: 5,255,868.83
pollutants: 9sources: 51

Us Dod Wright-Patterson Afb Oh
annual emissions: 2,787,901.36
pollutants: 72sources: 364

Camp Lejeune Marine Corp Base
annual emissions: 2,776,787.16
pollutants: 101sources: 2370

Naval Surface Warfare Cntr-Indian Hd
annual emissions: 2,744,642.86
pollutants: 9sources: 232

Iowa Army Ammunition Plant
annual emissions: 2,566,742.88
pollutants: 48sources: 2024

Us Navy Norfolk Naval Base-Sewells Point
annual emissions: 2,005,951.43
pollutants: 10sources: 447

Us Navy Naval Air Station Oceana
annual emissions: 1,734,871.10
pollutants: 9sources: 112

Tinker Afb Us Air Force Logistics Ctr
annual emissions: 1,615,905.00
pollutants: 38sources: 519

U.S. Army-Dugway Proving Ground
annual emissions: 1,560,856.05
pollutants: 21sources: 172

Lackland Air Force Base
annual emissions: 1,272,065.59
pollutants: 33sources: 621

Naval Computer & Telecommunications Station-Cutler Me
annual emissions: 1,179,710.14
pollutants: 8sources: 81

Us Air Force - Clear Air Force Station
annual emissions: 1,107,719.00
pollutants: 7sources: 60

San Clemente Island Range
annual emissions: 1,074,031.15
pollutants: 6sources: 6

Main Base
annual emissions: 1,061,725.08
pollutants: 40sources: 1793

Marine Corps Air Station
annual emissions: 1,014,110.44
pollutants: 82sources: 655

Red River Army Depot
annual emissions: 993,092.41
pollutants: 22sources: 795

Us Navy Little Creek Amphibious Base
annual emissions: 928,562.00
pollutants: 12sources: 81

Manscen And Fort Leonard Wood-Manscen And Fort Leonard Wood
annual emissions: 918,539.32
pollutants: 49sources: 1130

Mountain Home Air Force Base
annual emissions: 917,160.00
pollutants: 6sources: 179

Usaf Robins Afb
annual emissions: 830,485.54
pollutants: 16sources: 93

Fort Carson Usarmy (Decam)
annual emissions: 791,055.92
pollutants: 14sources: 123