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All Polluters in Ascension Parish, Louisiana
Air Liquide America Corp/Geismar
annual emissions: 858,000.00
pollutants: 6sources: 44

Air Products & Chemicals,Inc/Geismar Syngas
annual emissions: 188,000.00
pollutants: 6sources: 27

Basf Corporation/Geismar Site
annual emissions: 4,678,888.47
pollutants: 60sources: 835

Bfi Waste Systems Of N.A.,Inc/Colonial Landfill
annual emissions: 164,000.00
pollutants: 6sources: 29

Bridgeline Holdings Lp/Sorrento Underground Gas Sf
annual emissions: 184,000.00
pollutants: 6sources: 47

Burlington Resources O&G/United Lands #1
annual emissions: 12,000.00
pollutants: 3sources: 8

Carline'S Geismar Fleet, Landing Wharf And Fleet.
annual emissions: 202.58
pollutants: 5sources: 5

Cf Industries, Inc./Donaldsonville Nitrogen
annual emissions: 18,824,015.00
pollutants: 16sources: 339

Crompton Inc/Monochem
annual emissions: 906,000.00
pollutants: 6sources: 21

Crompton Mfg Co Inc/Geismar Plant
annual emissions: 3,219,013.38
pollutants: 46sources: 1072

Dsi Transports, Inc
annual emissions: 28,000.00
pollutants: 5sources: 11

Dupont Chemicals/Burnside Plant
annual emissions: 19,714,000.00
pollutants: 5sources: 15

El Paso Fld Srvcs Co/Riverside
annual emissions: 1,262,000.00
pollutants: 6sources: 118

Enterprise Gas Proc Llc/Tebone Frac Plnt
annual emissions: 371,400.00
pollutants: 10sources: 66

Enterprise Prod Oper Lp/Sorrento Rail Rack
annual emissions: 2,000.00
pollutants: 5sources: 7

Enterprise Products Co/Sorrento Pht
annual emissions: 64,000.00
pollutants: 2sources: 6

Eott Energy Oper Lp/Darrow Crude Oil Term
annual emissions: 0.00
pollutants: 1sources: 3

Exxonmobil Pipeline Co/Sorrento Storage
annual emissions: 78,000.00
pollutants: 6sources: 31

Gabriel Chemicals Llc/Chlorosulfonic Acid Plant
annual emissions: 222.00
pollutants: 2sources: 3

Geismar Vinyls Co, Lp
annual emissions: 963,393.01
pollutants: 31sources: 722

General Electric Co., Geismar Wharf.
annual emissions: 3,015.29
pollutants: 4sources: 4

Gulf Liquids New River Project Llc/Geismar Gas Plnt
annual emissions: 246,000.00
pollutants: 6sources: 22

Gulf Liquids New River Project/Sorrento Gas Plant
annual emissions: 10,000.00
pollutants: 6sources: 19

Honeywell Intl Inc/Geismar Wrks
annual emissions: 600,765.00
pollutants: 10sources: 214

Ormet Corp/Alumina Plant
annual emissions: 30,000.07
pollutants: 7sources: 67