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All Polluters in High Point, North Carolina
Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.
annual emissions: 16,405.00
pollutants: 6sources: 11

American Metal Treating Inc.
annual emissions: 1,183.00
pollutants: 1sources: 1

Brayton International Inc
annual emissions: 67,379.28
pollutants: 12sources: 26

Carpenter Co.
annual emissions: 115,949.38
pollutants: 10sources: 20

City Of High Point Landfill-Kersey Valley Landfill
annual emissions: 6,260.63
pollutants: 28sources: 28

Clyde Pearson Company, A Division Of Thomasville Furniture I
annual emissions: 26,880.70
pollutants: 9sources: 9

Concept Plastics Inc
annual emissions: 52,598.06
pollutants: 20sources: 295

Custom Finishers Inc
annual emissions: 75,665.28
pollutants: 16sources: 50

Dar/Ran Furniture Industries
annual emissions: 103,019.52
pollutants: 26sources: 294

Drexel Heritage Furnishings Inc
annual emissions: 27,914.00
pollutants: 10sources: 66

Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc D.B.A. Valspar Coatings
annual emissions: 93,390.84
pollutants: 19sources: 35

Engineered Polymer Solutions, Inc. Dba Valspar Coatings
annual emissions: 49,402.83
pollutants: 17sources: 72

Fiber Dynamics, Inc.
annual emissions: 32,491.85
pollutants: 11sources: 38

Glass Unlimited Of High Point, Inc.
annual emissions: 4,034.58
pollutants: 11sources: 31

Hickory Printing Group, Inc.
annual emissions: 47,611.83
pollutants: 4sources: 12

High Point Fibers, Inc.
annual emissions: 11,421.84
pollutants: 13sources: 19

Kao Specialties Americas
annual emissions: 362.00
pollutants: 3sources: 6

Lane Furniture Industries Inc. Royal Development Co Division
annual emissions: 76,491.83
pollutants: 14sources: 15

Marsh Furniture Company
annual emissions: 1,104,735.23
pollutants: 36sources: 389

Marshalls Finishing
annual emissions: 38,137.97
pollutants: 17sources: 68

Metal Creations Inc
annual emissions: 9,041.17
pollutants: 14sources: 36

Mickey Truck Bodies Inc
annual emissions: 309,187.00
pollutants: 17sources: 82

Miller Desk Inc
annual emissions: 161,983.40
pollutants: 13sources: 262

Packaging Corporation Of America
annual emissions: 4,726.49
pollutants: 8sources: 9

Patrician Furniture, Inc. D/B/A Patrician Furniture Company
annual emissions: 31,764.35
pollutants: 8sources: 35